Choosing the Right Low-Level Laser Therapy Provider

  • April 30, 2021 at 2:12pm
  • by John Piche
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Choosing the Right Low-Level Laser Therapy Provider

Low-level laser therapy can be a powerful tool to help smokers quit. Deciding to try this innovative therapy is a great first step, but how do you know which clinic to choose? They can vary wildly in the quality of their services. This isn't a decision to take lightly, as making the wrong choice could waste time, lose you money, or fail to provide you with the proper resources for success.

Always Look for a Reputable Clinic

As with any other therapy, you want to know you're being treated by a professional. Low-level laser therapy entails significant preparation and skill in application. A reliable clinic will have quality laser equipment and properly trained staff necessary to ensure all of these critical details are carefully attended to. For any laser treatments, details like the power and wavelength of the laser, along with pulse duration and spacing, will have a significant impact on the final results. At Omega Laser, our laser technicians understand the precise configurations required to achieve successful smoking cessation therapy. Going with an amateur provider likely means they won't have the right equipment and certainly not the expertise required to operate that equipment. Improper application of low-level laser therapy can lead to you losing money, time and not achieving your goal. Choosing reputable professionals protects you from these amateur mistakes and ensures you're receiving top- quality care.

Watch Out For Unvalidated Claims

Many alternative therapies provide gray areas where less-than-reputable providers make unverifiable claims to attract their clients. Smoking laser treatment is no exception. Some unreliable clinics offer an assortment of "premium" treatment options designed to entice potential patients and collect additional charges. These clinics will advertise stronger or longer treatments as part of their sales pitch, while neither of those provides more significant results. These unreliable clinics charge one price if you smoke 10 cigarettes, a higher price if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day, and a significantly higher price if you smoke 2 packs a day. This is what we call an untruth and a figment of one’s imagination. There is no such thing as a stronger laser treatment for heavier or long term smokers. Another common tactic is signing patients up for a series of future appointments to ensure that the initial treatment remains effective. With a professional clinic like Omega Laser, patients generally see results after just one session. Setting up additional treatments beforehand is not an effective treatment plan. Only if the initial session has not provided adequate results is an additional treatment necessary. This cannot be determined and planned ahead of time.

Learn More About Their Reputation

Whether you're looking for how to quit smoking or any other therapy, one of the best ways to evaluate options is to ask around. If your friends or family have gone through laser therapy to quit smoking in the past, ask them where they went and how successful their therapy was. At Omega Laser, we have a performance record with markedly better results than with other providers. Omega Laser has treated over 20,000 patients in our over 16 years in operation. If you don't personally know anyone who can vouch for our services, you can verify our reliability through our A+ Better Business Bureau record. Omega Laser has maintained an A+ rating since 2009. The bureau monitors consumer complaints to provide an overall picture of how a business operates, how they treat customers, and how reliable they are, and is a useful tool to consult when considering your treatment options.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Smoking laser treatment uses precision equipment. The therapy relies on providing the correct power, wavelength, pulse speed, and time between pulses. The variation between an effective treatment and a failure can be very slight, and so the laser equipment must be of the highest quality to meet these precision requirements. Some clinics that do not understand these stringent requirements will not invest in adequate equipment for their practice. Some go for older, used equipment that new developments have superseded. They hope to keep capital investment low to turn a profit without regard for the quality of treatment they're providing. They can also choose equipment from unreliable and cheap providers, which does not meet the necessary precision requirements.

The Cost of Low-Level Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for smoking is a precision therapy administered by a laser technician. If a clinic is offering unrealistically low rates, they may be making up the balance somewhere, and could be using inadequate equipment to cut down the costs. These clinics could be hiding the true cost of their services behind hidden fees or hoping to recoup costs through repeated treatments for individual patients. Choosing the cheapest possible option is not the best way to choose a laser stop smoking therapy provider. Consumers should also be wary of overly expensive treatment options. These options are generally ineffective beyond the basic effectiveness of the treatment. "Premium" treatments are likely just a justification for higher rates. Omega Laser provides reliable treatment in a price range that is affordable for our patients. We want to help our patients with treatment that will work the first time, rather than stringing along repeat customers.

Always Put Safety First

For any treatment, safety should be the top priority. The low-level lasers used in smoking treatment are very safe but require skilled operation. At Omega Laser, all our laser equipment is top of the line and Health Canada approved. Choosing a professional clinic and reliable equipment can guarantee a safe and comfortable procedure. Don't go with amateur providers. Not all laser smoking cessation clinics are the same. If you go with an amateur clinic, they won't be helping to lower nicotine cravings, making the entire therapy a waste of time.

Keeping Patients' Best Interests in Mind

You want to choose the best way to quit smoking, and you can only find that from a clinic that truly wants you to succeed. Laser therapy for smoking provides one of the most effective methods for quitting smoking. The techniques used are based on a key understanding of what makes smoking addictive. The powerful endorphin rush of nicotine is just too much for smokers to overcome. Laser therapy works by stimulating natural endorphin production, eliminating the dependence on nicotine for that rush. While the details of laser therapy are complex, that basic principle is simple. Stimulating the endorphins should require only one treatment of approximately 20 minutes. Any clinic offering repeated treatments or longer treatments doesn't have the patient's best interest in mind, and are often just trying to upsell services. The staff at a professional laser clinic will have an understanding of the mechanisms behind addiction and the laser therapy used to treat it. This understanding lets them provide only the services that patients truly require.

Find an Option Convenient to You

Longer procedures are inconvenient and difficult to schedule for most people. Omega Laser provides a convenient half-hour visit that effectively combats cravings for nicotine. Laser smoking cessation therapy doesn';t require any longer, and any clinic offering longer treatments is just making the entire process more inconvenient for patients. Omega Laser smoking therapy is a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling less stressed and free of your nicotine cravings. The therapy uses gentle laser pulses to stimulate your body's natural calming and pleasure chemicals so you can lose the physical desire for nicotine. The quick and convenient procedure could be your best chance to quit smoking for good.


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