Low-Level Laser Therapy – A Modern Approach to Quitting Smoking

  • March 29, 2021 at 2:44pm
  • by John Piche
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Low-Level Laser Therapy – A Modern Approach to Quitting Smoking

The decision to quit smoking is one that carries numerous health benefits. Those who stop smoking see increased life expectancy, a decrease in risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease, and improved quality of life through better respiratory health. However, this is easier said than done, and many can't figure out how to quit smoking, struggling for years to find a way to manage their strong craving for nicotine. Omega Laser gives these people another option.

Just Why Is Smoking So Addictive?

Anyone who has tried to stop smoking in the past knows just how difficult it is to quit the habit for good. The issue is far more complex than simply "liking" smoking. Nicotine forms a chemical dependency in the user, a vicious cycle that keeps people coming back for more. When nicotine enters a smoker's system, it triggers a rapid release of endorphins, called an endorphin rush.
Endorphins are a natural part of the body's chemistry that regulates a person's moods and stress levels. The artificially induced release of endorphins by nicotine disrupts the biological processes responsible for stimulating endorphins, making a smoker rely on nicotine for that rush. The intense withdrawal after smoking cessation is a result of plummeting endorphin levels that the body can't quickly correct.

How Can Lasers Reduce Reliance on Nicotine?

Smoking laser treatment works by stimulating and encouraging the body to continue the natural release of endorphins. Low-level laser therapy applied at acupuncture points brings the body's natural ability to produce endorphins back into action. The treatment provides the same increase in endorphins that smoking artificially induces, reducing the intense cravings to smoke again.
Without the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking, people are much more likely to succeed in their efforts. They feel refreshed and happy thanks to the natural release of endorphins rather than the irritability and rapid mood swings that typically accompany quitting. The cravings to smoke again are almost entirely driven by low endorphins, and so this form of therapy is highly effective.

A Simple and Convenient Treatment

Laser therapy for smoking is a non-invasive procedure that is safe, efficient, and fast. The treatment usually takes twenty minutes, with most patients achieving marked results with only one session. Those with particularly powerful cravings might require an additional session, but this is rare among Omega’s users.
The procedure is completely safe and without side-effects, unlike many alternative methods. The low-level lasers used provide gentle stimulation to the body's natural systems, and do not apply enough power to cause discomfort or harm. The safety and convenience of this therapy put it in the running to be the best way to quit smoking, and is a more comfortable alternative to heavy medications.

A Foundation in Traditional Medicine

Laser quit-smoking therapy activates endorphins through the stimulation of acupuncture points. Traditional acupuncture therapy, with needles, has been used in the treatment of various addictions for a long time, with more prominence in the West over the past several decades.
Laser therapy has emerged as a modern treatment that uses laser light, rather than needles, to stimulate acupoints in order to balance the body's meridian pathways. This makes the procedure entirely non-invasive and nonseptic. The treatment is deeply relaxing, applying gentle energy to points on the hands, face, and ears. Many patients do not feel the laser at all, with some reporting a gentle and calming warmth.

The Efficacy of Low-Level Laser Therapy

As of today, there are no FDA-approved therapies for stopping smoking, only nicotine supplements like gum and patches. These products still bring nicotine into the body, and many report subpar results. A number of recent studies highlight low-level laser therapy as one of the most promising treatments to receive FDA approval in the near future.
Perhaps the most prominent study into the effectiveness of laser smoking cessation therapy comes from researchers at Middlesex University in the UK. Their investigation into the long-term results of the therapy showed that those who undergo therapy have significantly better quit rates immediately after therapy, three months after treatment, and six months later.

Further Studies into Treatment Show Promising Results

Much of the work into the development of laser stop-smoking therapy has been in China, the birthplace of the traditional acupuncture techniques from which the therapy is derived. Significant research is being undertaken into the therapy there. A study on 175 patients in 2018 showed remarkable results. Eighty-five percent of patients managed to quit smoking after the therapy.
What's even more notable is the patients' reported experiences after their treatment. The majority of the patients who tried a cigarette after therapy reported that they did not receive the same rush they were used to. The therapy had effectively restarted the body's natural endorphin production and release, eliminating the spikes and lows caused by nicotine consumption and withdrawal.

Quitting Smoking Alone Just Doesn't Work

Here in Canada, over half of current smokers report that they plan on quitting within the next six months, and nearly half of current smokers have made a concerted effort to quit smoking within the last year.
Therapy like that offered by Omega Laser is often overlooked when smokers choose a method to quit smoking. Up to 60 percent of smokers try some form of nicotine replacement, including nicotine gum, patches, and e-cigarettes. These methods typically have mixed results, and may complicate a user’s health with other side effects. Instead, a non-invasive approach like laser therapy lets your body use what it already has to quit smoking.

The Best Time to Quit is Today

Repeated failed attempts to quit smoking without help from laser therapy aren't just demoralizing. They're a serious hazard to a person's health. Benefits from successfully quitting smoking are wide-ranging, both immediate and long-term. Within a day of quitting, body chemistry begins to realign, with increased oxygen and decreased carbon monoxide.
The long-term benefits are truly staggering. Within months respiratory health is noticeably improved, with increased lung strength. The risk of heart disease is halved within one year of quitting. Ten to fifteen years down the line, a smoker's risk of heart disease and lung cancer are nearly indistinguishable from someone who never smoked in the first place.

Effective Therapy to Quit Smoking with Omega Laser

For many smokers, quitting is often a top priority. Making an attempt to go ‘cold turkey’ or even using nicotine supplements, however, provides major opportunities for relapse. Anyone serious about quitting smoking could benefit from low-level laser therapy from Omega Laser, as it’s safe, non-invasive, and has no side effects. Every day you keep smoking increases the risk of serious health problems, and the best time to quit is always now.
Affordable and convenient laser treatment is available in over ten Canadian cities from Omega Laser. As a reminder, the simple treatment takes just twenty minutes, with most patients requiring no additional sessions. We aim to make it easier for any smoker to quit with comfort and peace of mind, and continue to change lives for the better with this revolutionary treatment.


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