Low-Level Laser Therapy – A Modern Approach to Quitting

Low-Level Laser Therapy – A Modern Approach to Quitting Smoking
The decision to quit smoking is one that carries numerous health benefits. Those who stop smoking see increased life expectancy, a decrease in risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease, and improved quality of life through better respiratory health. However, this is easier said than done, and many can't figure out how to quit smoking, struggling for years to find a way... Read more

Choosing the Right Low-Level Laser Therapy Provider

Choosing the Right Low-Level Laser Therapy Provider
Low-level laser therapy can be a powerful tool to help smokers quit. Deciding to try this innovative therapy is a great first step, but how do you know which clinic to choose? They can vary wildly in the quality of their services. This isn't a decision to take lightly, as making the wrong choice could waste time, lose you money, or fail to provide you with the proper resources for success... Read more

Quitting Smoking for Good With Low-Level Laser Therapy

Quitting Smoking With Laser Therapy
There are many different methods that people approach trying to quit smoking. ‘Going cold turkey’ or nicotine replacements aren't always effective options. Low-level therapy uses the body's natural systems to fix the chemical dependency caused by consuming nicotine. With these systems back in order, the physiological cravings to smoke will be subdued. However, there are often still... Read more

The History of Low-Level Laser Therapy

The History of Low-Level Laser Therapy
Low-level laser therapy has emerged as one of the top contenders for the best way to quit smoking. It’s effective, comfortable, convenient, and affordable. It has a long history, though, which goes from ancient medicine all the way up to today’s cutting-edge technology. This unlikely pairing has been the result of shifting tides in medicine and decades of recent research. Today, low-level laser therapy... Read more

Seven Ways to Quit Smoking

Seven Ways to Quit Smoking
What’s the best way to quit smoking? The answer isn’t as obvious as one might like to think. Over the years, there have been countless different methods invented for quitting smoking, and most have enjoyed limited success. Whether smokers are trying the latest fad or simply trying to tough it out, they rarely rise above the average chance of quitting for good. Here are some of the more common methods you’ll see on the market today.... Read more

The Uses of Low-Level Laser

Uses of Low-Level Laser Therapy
Low-level laser therapy is a top candidate for the best way to quit smoking, but this versatile therapy can provide benefits across many different areas. Today, this therapy is used to treat various types of addiction, pain relief, skin treatments, and more. New uses for this technology continue to be discovered, and all of these areas benefit from the convenience, affordability, and lack of side effects of low-level laser therapy.... Read more

How Laser Therapy Helps

How Low-Level Laser Therapy Helps
Low-level laser therapy for quitting smoking can be an effective treatment for ongoing nicotine addiction. You don’t have to take our word for it; there are countless real-world examples of people who have gone through low-level laser therapy successfully. Many keep success to themselves, but some speak out about their experience.... Read more

The Struggle to Stop Vaping

Why Do So Many Struggle to Stop Vaping?
When Vaping came to popularity, it was hailed as a better alternative to smoking, or even as a first step in stopping smoking completely. But as more people have taken up vaping, we have begun to see patterns of illness developing that are surprisingly similar to smoking addictions. However, whether it is for health concerns or any other reason.... Read more

How to Quit Vaping for Good With Low-Level Laser Therapy

How to Quit Vaping for Good
Vaping may be a better alternative to smoking where your health is concerned, but it has problems of its own. While not as severe as smoking, medical studies have shown vaping to damage the heart and lungs, and as it uses nicotine as a primary agent, it is just as addictive as smoking. With that in mind, Omega Laser has developed a solution... Read more

Seven Ways People Try to Quit Vaping for Good

Seven Ways People Try to Quit Vaping for Good
Vaping, like smoking, is a highly addictive habit. In some cases, it can be even more addictive than smoking, and some vaping products contain more nicotine than cigarettes themselves, making it no simple task to quit. If there’s one thing that those who’ve quit smoking and those who’ve quit vaping have in common... Read more

What Really Stops People From Quitting Smoking?

What Really Stops People From Quitting?
Why do some people succeed when trying to quit smoking while others struggle time after time? Are the successful quitters doing something that the others are not? Whether you know it or not, there is quite a bit more that goes into how to quit smoking than just going a few days without... Read more