The Uses of Low-Level Laser Therapy

  • June 10, 2021 at 9:30am
  • by John Piche
The Uses of Low-Level Laser Therapy

The Uses of Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy is a top candidate for the best way to quit smoking, but this versatile therapy can provide benefits across many different areas. Today, this therapy is used to treat various types of addiction, pain relief, skin treatments, and more. New uses for this technology continue to be discovered, and all of these areas benefit from the convenience, affordability, and lack of side effects of low-level laser therapy. These devices are often specialized versions of the same core technology, depending on the use intended.

Smoking Cessation Therapy

Among the top applications for low-level laser therapy, today is laser smoking cessation therapy. Most smokers express some desire to quit, but aren’t able to overcome the powerful nicotine cravings that propagate their addiction. Laser therapy for smoking gives these patients support against cravings they need to quit for good. This technology stimulates the body to release the same endorphins usually triggered by the nicotine rush. This gives the patient the chance to reset their natural endorphin cycles, upsetting the powerful physiochemical craving for nicotine. Smoking laser treatment is among the most effective methods for quitting smoking today. Sessions are generally convenient, with treatments lasting around a half-hour. This makes the treatment accessible to people no matter how busy they are. Treatments are also highly effective, with most cases requiring only one application. Additional applications are sometimes necessary, but again only require a half- hour to apply. The treatment is pain-free, with patients reporting a gentle warmth at most. In terms of cost, convenience, and effectiveness, laser stop smoking therapy is among the best options for smokers looking to quit.

Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss is often among the most desired health outcomes that people have. There are countless products on the market today that claim to offer reliable weight loss. People can hire personal trainers, get advice from dieticians, invest in any number of worn devices, and seek over-the-counter weight loss medications and supplements. One of the latest methods for weight loss is low-level laser therapy. This technique offers targeted weight loss that targets specific areas for fat loss. The mechanism for this weight loss is the breakup of fat cells through stimulation with low-level lasers. Cold laser therapy can disrupt the membranes of fat cells, which are then handled by the body’s natural waste systems. This is a stark difference from supplements that encourage the metabolism to burn through fat cells as nutrition. This method is generally applied to the waist, hips, thighs, or other areas where fat loss is desired. Because the low-level laser therapy targets specific areas, the treatment has a sculpting effect. It’s seen increased use as a way to deal directly with problem areas of weight gain.


Smoking cessation therapy might be among the top applications of low-level laser therapy today, but the therapy sees use as a treatment for a number of different addictions, including alcoholism. The mechanism for these treatments is similar to laser quit smoking therapy, with the endorphins released resetting the body’s natural systems. Alcoholism is an addiction with far more serious immediate consequences than smoking, so more intensive treatments may be beneficial compared to laser therapy. Treating addiction was one of the first applications for modern low-level laser therapy, and the principles behind how to quit smoking with laser therapy come from earlier acupuncture practices. Traditional acupuncture has a long history as a therapy for this treatment, but laser therapy provides the same biostimulation at acupuncture points without the use of painful or unsanitary needles.

Anxiety and Stress Therapy

Many patients undergo low-level laser therapy to relieve anxiety and stress. Low-level laser therapy meets several of the key requirements for effective anxiety treatment. The treatment provides immediate results, calming and relaxing the patient. The therapy reduces the reinforcement cycles of anxiety, providing enduring results. The treatment is also generally pleasant, soothing, and calming, with a gentle warmth felt by patients. The endorphins released during treatment serve to regulate and balance the nervous system. Treatments can help patients with their focus and sleep quality. The stress and anxiety-reducing effects of low-level laser therapy make it a common choice among patients suffering from PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues. The soothing spa-like treatment is an enjoyable experience in itself for most patients.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Low-level laser therapy is a prominent treatment for many types of chronic pain. It does so by stimulating cells to proceed through the inflammatory process more quickly. This reduces the time frame where the patient is in pain and gets them to recovery quicker. The treatment is especially popular because it is fast, convenient, and pain-free. Chronic pain is often the result of inflammation, muscle spasms, and tension. Low-level laser therapy helps patients relieve their pain through effective and affordable treatments. Arthritis is likely the largest single source of chronic pain, and low-level laser therapy can help arthritis patients relieve that pain. Many patients seek relief through painkillers that carry numerous side effects. They increase the chance of heart attack and have long-term detrimental effects on the liver and kidneys. Instead, patients can choose non-invasive low-level laser therapy, which can offer relief without these side effects. The same is true for patients suffering from Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, pelvic dysfunction, temporomandibular joint, and diabetic neuropathy.

Pigmentary Disorder Treatment

Pigmentary disorders like vitiligo and melasma cause patients to develop discolored patches and blotches on their skin. These disorders can drastically undermine patients’ self-confidence and make leading their everyday lives more difficult. Low-level laser therapy sees some promise in the treatment of these conditions. These conditions are typically caused by either the overproduction or underproduction of pigmentary cells and low-level laser therapy can serve to rebalance production. Low-level laser therapy for vitiligo is painless and convenient for patients. This type of treatment does require multiple sessions, while each session is less than an hour. There is no recovery time after treatments, letting patients get on with their day. Through a course of several months of treatments, patients can show significant color restoration to the patches caused by vitiligo.

Cosmetic Healing

There are many different cosmetic skin problems that low-level laser therapy can treat. These include treatment for acne, wrinkles, scars, and more. The application of low-level laser therapy affects the mechanisms within skin cells. This stimulates blood flow and increases oxygen and energy to the skin cells. The non-invasive nature of low-level laser therapy makes it one of the top choices for cosmetic skin issues where more drastic treatment isn’t required. The same blood flow that stimulates skin cells to better health also serves to promote healing. Low-level laser therapy can be an effective treatment for scars of many kinds, including burn scars and hypertrophic scars. This therapy gives patients a real option for treating scars without surgical intervention or side effects.

Quit Smoking Now With Omega Laser

Low-level laser therapy shows promise for a variety of applications, and has emerged as one of the most versatile and least invasive forms of treatment in recent years. Omega Laser provides low-level laser therapy for smoking, alcoholism, weight loss, and anxiety relief. You can benefit from our quick and convenient treatment from our trained and experienced technicians. Our treatments are flawlessly professional, with compassionate service and aftercare support. With our low-level laser therapy, you could overcome your addiction and other issues. Contact us today to book your appointment.


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