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John Piche had no choice but to quit smoking because asthma, bronchitis and chest pain became daily occurrences. John tried many methods to quit his heavy 2 pack a day smoking habit, including patches, gum, hypnosis and acupressure without success. He and 2 friends successfully quit smoking in 1995. John has remained a non smoker ever since and his chest pain and asthma are no longer an issue.
John decided to open his first Omega Laser Stop Smoking Clinic February 15th, 2005. His 1st location was on Dalhousie St in Ottawa. Subsequently, Omega Laser was invited to open locations at the Ottawa Hospital, both the Ottawa Civic Campus and Ottawa General Campus. After 7 years of treating clients at these locations, Omega Laser moved to the St. Vincent Hospital in Ottawa where the larger space allowed him to offer Zerona body contouring. John Piche has been interviewed many times on CTV Morning Live – Ask the Experts. With the increased exposure on CTV, Omega Laser started to grow rapidly and after 2 short years at the St. Vincent Hospital, we had outgrown our space.
November 2017 Omega Laser took over the entire 2nd floor at 1877 Merivale Rd in Ottawa.
At this time, Omega combined with it’s sister company Global Laser as Global and Omega Laser Inc.
Over the past 14 years, John and the staff at Omega Laser have expanded the Stop Smoking Program and is now being offered at 7 locations in Ontario and Quebec.
Omega Laser has successfully treated over 17,000 stop smoking clients successfully. By offering excellent customer service and the latest technologies, John has maintained an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau since 2009.

My Story Can Be Your Story

My Story

We are all so different and that’s really a beautiful thing, some of us work out religiously but have a thin layer of fat that the Zerona can target. Others have battled fat for years and tried everything to get ahead and it hasn’t worked; the Zerona is for them as well. Some of us have disabilities and exercise is not an option, the Zerona laser can help those people as well...

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